TMP Group launches a contest: the creation of as many NFTs as possible with zero impact on the environment!

Bitcoin has undergone several criticisms concerning its environmental impact since it has been estimated that to mine the cryptocurrency the so-called “miners” consume more electricity than Finland in a year.

Algorand’s blockchain, on the other hand, is to be considered a highly green technology, as its consensus mechanism allows nodes to validate transactions with almost zero energy consumption. 

For this reason, the NFT marketplace Musa will support a challenge to demonstrate the level of eco-sustainability of the Algorand blockchain: to create as many NFTs as possible with zero impact on the environment. Participants will have to create an NFT token in the form of a video, photo, or reel (maximum size 64 MB). 

The contest is open to all content creators belonging to any social platform: registrations are open until 30/09/2022.


The goal is to create content concerning a brand of your choice (photo, video, or reel less than 64 MB in size), tokenize it (no fees will be charged to users) in the form of NFT (a short tutorial is available below) with a default price equal to 19€ in the “sustainable NFTs” category.

The next step is to follow Musa on social media and feel this formre-tweet and tag 3 friends. 

Note that the number of likes received on Musa is directly linked to your NFT valuation, thus the more social profiles you use for sharing, the more likes you will be able to achieve!

Winners will be chosen in a multi-step decision-making process

Winners will be chosen in a multi-step decision-making process

Community: followers of the content creators will be able to vote to support the artists by registering on Musa and liking the content they want to vote for. The voting process is organized in two steps to avoid that the number of followers goes to benefit too much the creators with more followers. 

Musa team: on 30/09/2022 the contents that have obtained the most votes will proceed towards the second phase that involves a selective process by the Musa team, whose vote will be based on two metrics: the creativity of the content and clarity in communicating the sustainability of the brand.

Please not that the team will check that all participants have performed the steps outlined above.

Hurry up and participate, as the impact of likes on the NFT token rating will be higher for the first 1000 participants! More precisely:

19€ (default price) +0.5€/like for the first 100 participants
19€ (default price) +0.2€/like for the next 1000 participants
19€ (default price) +0.1€/like for all remaining participants

The winners will then have the opportunity to sell their NFT in a private auction with a starting price equal to € 19 by default increased by an amount strictly dependent on the number of likes that the NFT token has received on the platform Musa.

The purchase of the NFT token is guaranteed up to a maximum of 5000€ even if this does not exclude the possibility that the NFT can be sold at a higher price.

For any clarification, feel free to contact us


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